Mailbox Imapsync Online

Copy/synchronize a Mailbox (below 3 GB) to another, without duplicates!
Buying gives unlimited syncs of any size.

Pay by usage type

30-day money back guarantee!
No question nor condition to get a refund, really, just request it and you'll sure get a refund!

If you're a European professional buyer, please enter your VAT number: It's for the invoice and customs declaration.
It's ok if you don't have a VAT number.

IMAP source Mailbox (usually an email address)
(or its IP address)

IMAP destination Mailbox (usually an email address)
(or its IP address)

If you close this window (or tab) during the synchronization, it will abort the synchronization, it's like hitting the red button "Abort!" below.

        Best bandwidth available hours are from 11h PM to 11h AM UTC on Mondays to Fridays, all hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

ETA: Estimation Time of Arrival
Progress bar
Progress bar

Console of imapsync launch


Console of abort


Log of imapsync run

Link to the bottom of the imapsync log file

Link to the beginning of the imapsync log file

Local bandwidth statistics
Local bandwidth statistics

Imapsync Online Status over the last 24h
Imapsync Online Status over the last 24h

The service is down? For how long? How often? Take also a look at the Imapsync Online Status monitor page powered by the HetrixTools company.

Feel free to contact Gilles LAMIRAL

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