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The English public mailing-list may be the best way to get free and gratis support (not as quick as the professional support).
You can write to the mailing-list even if you're not subscribed to it.
In that case you will receive a confirmation message each time you post (to avoid spam).

To write on the mailing-list, the address is: imapsync@linux-france.org (English language list, hosted in France)

To subscribe, send a message to: imapsync-subscribe@listes.linux-france.org

To unsubscribe, send a message to: imapsync-unsubscribe@listes.linux-france.org

To contact the person in charge for the list: imapsync-request@listes.linux-france.org

The list archives are available at http://linux-france.org/prj/imapsync_list/
So consider that the list is public, anyone can see your post.
Use a pseudonym or do not post to this list if you want to stay private.

Search in the imapsync list archives: (change the keywords with your own request and press Enter)

Thank you for your participation to the English imapsync mailing-list!