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[TXT]README.txt06-May-2018 21:39 555 Some details about what you find here.
[   ]imapsync05-May-2018 23:10 482KDirect imapsync source code.
[   ]imapsync-1.882.tgz06-May-2018 21:39 12MFor OS X and Unix users.
[   ]imapsync_1.882.zip04-Jun-2018 14:46 7.5MFor Windows users.
[   ]imapsync_bin_Darwin06-May-2018 00:34 9.6MDirect imapsync OS X binary.
[DIR]old_releases/06-May-2018 17:06 - Old imapsync releases.

The file "" is for Windows users.

The file "imapsync-1.882.tgz"  is for Unix and OS X users, it contains the source
code and also the standalone OS X binary named "imapsync_bin_Darwin".

The binary "imapsync_bin_Darwin" is for OS X users, as a shortcut for a fast upgrade.

The file "imapsync" is the source code perl script, it is there just for a fast 
upgrade on Unix, just download and replace the old one with this one.
Sometimes new Perl modules need to be installed, see