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I'm not sure I deserve such great quotes for my work on Imapsync, anyway here they are and I'm very glad of them!

Tweet to @imapsync

For me, this is still the most useful tool anyone has ever created:

— Peter Schmalfeldt (@mrmidi) March 18, 2015

Right next to chocolate, imapsync is humankind’s best invention.

— Mathias Maul (@dontcallmedarth) April 14, 2015

My life right now. Would be 10x worse without @imapsync

— G.C. (@its_gc) April 24, 2015

A week of heavy use of @imapsync and I've shifted over 17000 mailboxes from an @gsuite domain over to @Office365 at work. Cheers, Gilles!

— Graeme Fowler (@graemefowler) September 15, 2017

After about a week of looking for an email transfer tool and pulling out my hair, @imapsync was a life-saver.

— My Web Maestro (@MyWebMaestro) October 3, 2015

Yeahhh Boy!!! Imapsync works like a charm... 500 account/100 Gb/master imap user/ssl/ one mini bash do that and going for more

— RadicaLibre (@RadicaLibreVE) July 23, 2015